MAMM - Menopause Moments

MAMM Founder Maureen Anderson  partnered with Wellness Practitioner YinYang Samantra to create MAMM Learning - First Aid for Menopause courses and workshops for women, men and millennials.  

MAMM has grown from the seed of a need to connect with friends and discuss the unspoken 'menopause' topic to its present format - of a socially conscious movement tackling the health inequalities that exist for black and brown sisters during their menopause journey.  MAMM has many dimensions: social circles, events, education, advocacy and collaboration.  All works are geared toward servicing change around change, through rich melanin voices.

MAMM embraces each sister knowing that her journey is unique.  The menopause can be difficult for women and research highlights that it is even more complicated for women of colour in the diaspora. The physical, emotional and psychological challenges experienced by black and brown women are more frequently overlooked; Our health matters too during this amazing transformative time of our lives.

MAMM extends an arm of support to those who love and/or care for black and brown women, recognising that it is the parents, partners, friends and co-workers - those who are sincerely our allies - that can have a marked affect upon our ability to flourish during mid-life change.  Every woman deserves more GoFundMe Appeal.

MAMM provides a safe space for shared experiences, a professional setting for health education, in addition to a proven transformational process of empowerment; the self-awareness courses and workshops are delivered through MAMM Learning. Knowing that the environments of home, work-space and the wider society interplay with the wellbeing of our sisters, MAMM provides learning services appropriate for each of these settings.

MAMM collaborates and curates with affiliated supporters of standing, together we raise representation of the melanin-rich lived experience within the current menopause narrative.

Contact Maureen at to find out more about our services, socials and events.